News: April 2015

  • Families face financial hurdle in seeking justice from DHBs
    A QC specialising in medical law says it is crucial for families to have legal representation when dealing with DHBs’ medical mishaps, although getting the DHB to pay for this assistance would be very difficult.
    Posted: Wednesday 29 April 2015
  • Drugging Kids in Anticipation of Future Mental Disorders? The Soaring Antipsychotic Use on Aussie Youths
    Australian psychiatrist Patrick McGorry, who caused an international furor over advocating drugging adolescents with antipsychotics to “prevent” them becoming psychotic, has, again, come under scrutiny for the recent revelation of a whopping 75% increase in Western Australian children on antipsychotics between 2009 and 2013.
    Posted: Tuesday 28 April 2015
  • Kauri tree planted at Waikato Hospital to remember Nicky Stevens
    Nicky Stevens father, Dave Macpherson, planted a kauri tree in memory of his son for what would have been his 22nd birthday
    Posted: Sunday 26 April 2015
  • Police to investigate Nicky Stevens death
    Nicky Stevens' family complained to Police because the DHB was negligent in their care for Nicky, who they had chosen to take legal responsibility for; because the mental health system in NZ regularly stuffs up and is never made to accept responsibility; because the law requires health services to take good care of mentally ill patients in their facilities, but is never enforced; because our son and brother died when the DHB management and psychiatrists ignored our warnings and pleas
    Posted: Friday 24 April 2015
  • Lessons not learnt at Henry Bennett
    OPINION (Geoff Taylor, Waikato Times)
    I was moved by Denise Irvine's beautifully written feature in the Waikato Times on 21-year-old Nicholas Stevens who died after being allowed to leave the Henry Bennett Centre unescorted.
    Posted: Saturday 18 April 2015
  • Waikato DHB happy to set precedent leading to Nicky's death – but won't set precedent to support grieving family
    Waikato DHB bosses told Nicky Stevens' family yesterday that "levelling the playing field" by funding their Coroner's inquest legal costs would set a dangerous precedent. [Photo of Nigel Murray, Waikato DHB CEO]
    Posted: Thursday 16 April 2015
  • Smoking Policy has killed patients, claims lawyer
    A lawyer acting for a psychiatric patient will fight to overturn a smoking ban at mental health units in the Court of Appeal this month. Barrister Richard Francois told the Herald on Sunday patients' lives were at risk because they had been told to smoke off the grounds or at the fence line and were unsupervised. Patients in secure units were not able to smoke at all.
    Posted: Sunday 12 April 2015
  • The Daily Blog - Mark Tupuhi on Nicky Stevens
    A powerful and damning first-hand account of the fatal arrogance and ineptitude of the Waikato DHB and their operation of our only care and treatment facility for those suffering from mental illness - the Henry Rongomai Bennett Centre. Mark Tupuhi even faked an address to access Auckland-based care as he was scared of the treatment at HBC.
    Posted: Thursday 9 April 2015
  • Two patients abscond from the Henry Bennett Centre - same slack security!
    One News story/video here. Lead story on the news tonight, discusses slack security issues, Nicky's parents views on security and too-little-too-late independent inquiry, Hospital CEO's 'embarrassment' over the escape of these two men.
    Posted: Wednesday 8 April 2015
  • Waikato DHB gets it wrong – again.
    The 'escape' of two men from a supposedly secure Ward at Waikato Hospital's Henry Bennett Centre brings back unpleasant memories of the incompetence of Hospital management, say the parents of Nicky Stevens. The latest episode comes less than four weeks after Nicky Stevens, left the Centre on unescorted leave and was later found dead in the Waikato River.
    Posted: Tuesday 7 April 2015
  • Freedom sought on reporting of suicide
    Nicky Stevens' family will be reporting what happened to him, regardless of what any Coroner says are their rules: by holding up their Inquest for months, if not years, the Coroners have given up any right to let the public know about what happened with Nicky. There is some good in these proposals, such as the right for media to report the truth about suicides, but much is bad...
    Posted: Saturday 4 April 2015
  • The Life and Death of Nicky Stevens
    When Nicky Stevens had a shower, he'd be in there forever, he'd shower for as long as there was hot water, and he'd sing at the top of his voice. A lot of the songs were made up, maybe about his little cat Shadowfox, also known as Wooty, and there might be some Neil Young and other favourites in there as well. You could hear him for miles...
    Posted: Saturday 4 April 2015
  • Waikato Mental Health patient's death avoidable - family
    The family of a Hamilton man whose body was found in the Waikato River in March, while in the care of a mental health facility, say his death was avoidable. Nicky Stevens - a schizophrenic - was under a compulsory care order at the Henry Bennett Centre. He'd already tried to take his own life and had threatened to try again.
    Posted: Friday 3 April 2015

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