In the latest news from the chaotic Mental Health & Addiction Services at Waikato DHB, a person has been accused in the Hamilton District Court (25 July) of stealing a psychiatrist's identity and working as a psychiatrist for the DHB between January and July 2015.
    Coming on top of admissions that some of Nicky Stevens' records have mysteriously disappeared, the sacking and removal of managers in charge of this part of the DHB, and hopelessly ineffective security leading to escapes & a death...
    Posted: Saturday 25 July 2015
  • Emergency Department Staff Attitudes About Limiting Access to Lethal Means
    Marian Betz, M.D., M.P.H., from the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Colorado in Denver, is working to identify the attitudes and behaviors of emergency department (ED) doctors and nurses towards asking about access to firearms and other lethal means. More than half of suicides are by firearms and limiting access to lethal means has been proven around the world to decrease suicides.
    Posted: Wednesday 22 July 2015
  • Nicky Stevens' death not to be investigated by Waikato DHB any time soon
    A Hamilton family is considering legal action to prompt the Waikato District Health Board to investigate their son's death.
    Nicky Stevens was a patient at Waikato Hospital's Rongomau Henry Bennett Centre when he died in March.
    Stevens' father Dave Macpherson, met with Waikato DHB chief executive Nigel Murray, and director of clinical services for the mental health and addictions Dr Rees Tapsell, on Wednesday.
    Posted: Thursday 16 July 2015
  • New research points to importance of helping youth
    When Beulah Koale got the call to help out youth-targeted website Common Ground, he knew exactly what to do.
    The ex-Shortland Street and The Last Saint actor almost lost a friend to suicide just a couple of years ago.
    Posted: Monday 13 July 2015
  • Young woman's life saved by a touching Facebook post
    Young Aucklander Ruby Joy says her life was saved by the touching words of British literary star Julie Burchill, who recently lost her son to suicide.
    The 23-year-old social work student from Morrinsville battled anorexia and depression since her teens, leading to dark suicidal thoughts. However, a post her Facebook friend Julie Burchill penned about her own son's suicide helped Ruby realise the effect her death could have on those close to her.
    Posted: Wednesday 8 July 2015
  • Doctor pursued female patient with mental health issues
    A Northland doctor attracted to a young female patient with mental health issues showered her with gifts and even offered to take her to Hawaii for a holiday.
    Posted: Wednesday 8 July 2015
  • Mental health carers saw stabbing accused hours before deadly attack
    Mental health carers saw a young woman accused of a stabbing attack just hours before a grandfather was killed and four other people, including a 9-year-old boy, were wounded.
    Hudson Garratt, 67, was killed, and three family members and a neighbour were injured in the attack in Broderick Rd, Johnsonville, Wellington, on Wednesday night.
    Posted: Wednesday 8 July 2015
  • Call for more help in the South on suicides
    An apparent rise in the number of suicides has prompted a call for improvements to southern mental health services.
    Posted: Wednesday 8 July 2015
  • Mental health service stretched to capacity
    Mental health services are being stretched to capacity in Northland due to a sharp increase in the number of people using them.
    Along with that increase, staff safety has been identified as an issue at the Tumanako Inpatient Unit at Whangarei Hospital. Over the last five years assaults on mental health staff accounted for 101 of 153 total staff assaults, equating to two out of three.
    Posted: Tuesday 7 July 2015
  • Suicide rate a 'national tragedy'
    A Tauranga man who lost his son to suicide says 569 suspected suicides in one year is a "national tragedy".
    Statistics released by Justice Minister Amy Adams to New Zealand First leader Winston Peters revealed in the 12 months to May this year, there had been 569 suspected suicides throughout the country.
    Posted: Sunday 5 July 2015
  • Suicide toll reaches highest rate since records kept
    The provisional suicide toll has risen to its highest figure since the coroner's office started releasing the statistics.
    From the year June 2014- May 2015, 569 people died by suicide or suspected suicide.
    Last year (for the year ending 30 June 2014) that number was 529.
    Posted: Friday 3 July 2015
  • Hospital court appearance for Johnsonville stabbing accused
    A court appearance has been held at Hutt Hospital this afternoon for the 25-year-old woman charged with four counts of assault with a weapon following a stabbing spree in Johnsonville on Wednesday.
    The woman entered no plea and was remanded in care pending a psychiatric assessment.
    Posted: Friday 3 July 2015
  • Survey shows up shunning of the mentally ill
    Most Kiwis in sports clubs will play sport with a person with mental illness - but not all of them would have them home for dinner, according to latest research.
    A Health Promotion Agency health and lifestyles survey done last year asked more than 2500 respondents about their attitudes towards a person with mental illness by posing the following scenario.
    Posted: Tuesday 30 June 2015
    A group of nurses who left an psychiatric patient on the floor have been criticised by the deputy health commissioner.
    Posted: Monday 29 June 2015
  • Waikato DHB Mental Health and Addiction Services group manager 'resigns'
    Waikato DHB's 'Group Manager of Mental Health & Addictions' Jeff Bennett has ""resigned""; the second senior manager to be got rid of by CEO Nigel Murray. Bennett was in overall responsibility for the Henry Bennett Centre when Nicky Stevens died while under their care, and received copies of many of the written warnings and complaints about Nicky's treatment before his death. He has never approached the family, rather getting his minions to do so. Nicky's family are not sorry to see him go.
    Posted: Monday 29 June 2015
  • Hospital documentation disappears in Nicky Stevens case
    A lost page of an observation log could hold "crucial" details of a mental health patient, in the days leading up to his death, his family says.
    The Waikato District Health Board can't explain where it has gone, but told police and has provided an earlier transcription of the information to the man's family.
    Posted: Thursday 25 June 2015
    ANZ and Westpac are among those keen to buy into social bonds, which return a profit if service providers meet…
    'Dragon's Den' used by Health Minister Coleman to decide who will get the lucrative contracts - see the TV1 news video.
    Posted: Wednesday 24 June 2015
  • Whānau hit the road to heal issues of suicide
    Five Māori families affected by suicide are participating in a unique project in which they will travel on a bus from marae to marae starting in Taranaki and ending in Cape Reinga.
    Posted: Friday 19 June 2015
  • Govt pulls plug on many phone helplines
    The Government is doing away with using individual telephone support services that offer help on problem gambling, drug and alcohol addictions and quitting smoking.
    Posted: Thursday 18 June 2015
    Statement from Nicky Stevens' family listing the official inaction and obstacles from the Government & its health sector... VIDEO LINK TO 'SUNDAY' TV PROGRAMME
    Posted: Friday 12 June 2015
    What it’s like to lose your grip on reality...
    Cameron Miller showed up to work one day completely out of his mind.
    He was working in retail five years ago when he pulled his manager into the back room and began ranting to her about Buddhism.
    Posted: Wednesday 10 June 2015

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