3 deaths in one month at Canterbury DHB's Hillmorton Hospital

3 deaths in one month at Canterbury DHB's Hillmorton Hospital

From what we hear, three people (Harry McLean, Glenn.........., and one other person) died on the North ward of the DHB's mental health facility at Hillmorton in the one month, WHEN THERE WAS NO CLINICAL NURSE MANAGER ON DUTY. The cases have been hushed up ever since, including Harry McLean's (see: http://www.stuff.co.nz/…/634…/grieving-mum-muzzled-by-ruling) in which Coroner Sue Johnson is "presiding" over the hushing up, and has "muzzled" Harry's mother from speaking out about what happened to her son, and Canterbury DHB has refused to comment publicly.
So what did happen at Hillmorton in November 2013? And why are the Coroner and DHB hushing it up? What were the causes? And what is the reason that it is not in the public interest to tell the public what happened?
[Of course this is the same DHB and Hospital where Anthony McKeown died, where it took 6 years for Coroners and other enquiries to be completed, and where his parents were refused the right to sue the DHB AND had costs for the DHB's lawyers awarded against them! http://www.stuff.co.nz/…/443…/11k-for-failed-negligence-case].

Posted: Sat 18 Jul 2015


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