A message from Nicky's Mum - Jane Stevens

A message from Nicky's Mum - Jane Stevens

Nick was surrounded by love.

He had a wide network of friends who cared about him deeply. He had strong family ties and knew he was loved by his parents and brother. 

But Nick also had an illness that at times altered his perception of reality.

Nick found it difficult to accept that he had an illness that needed to be managed and at time fought against taking the medication he needed to stay well.

When he was taking his medication regularly he was able to live a balanced and fulfilling life. 

Without the terror he experienced when things went off track.

Nick was a gentle soul and so when voices in his head started to threaten him and the people he loved with violence he was terrified. He believed that he could prevent this violence by going into the spirit world where he felt strong and could fight these enemies and keep his family and friends safe. 

But he believed to be able to do that he had to leave his physical body and this is what he was trying to do when he slashed his wrists and ended up in hospital and then drowned himself while under the legal care of the hospital.

In my book that makes him incredibly brave and that is how I will remember him.

Sadly the lack of quality care he received from our mental health system robbed him of the chance to get well again and live a fulfilling life. And so the only way we can honour him is to battle for better quality health services so that this NEVER happens again. 

So PLEASE help us by signing the petition its one way we can send a clear message to the health authorities.

Jane Stevens


Posted: Monday 30 March 2015

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