ROGUE'S GALLERY: People & groups in positions of power who have refused to investigate issues re Nicky Stevens' death and/or refused to supply full information they hold about this - Wendy Ball (District Inspector of Mental Health, Lawyer & Law Professor at Waikato Uni; NZ Law Society; John Crawshaw (Director of Mental Health at Ministry of Health).

We will continue to fight to get full investigations, and continue to expose those who refuse. Our family deserves FULL and timely answers, not secrecy and inaction - just as other families in our situation deserve the same.
WENDY BALL - (along with fellow lawyer & so-called 'District Inspector of Mental Health GLENN BARNETT) was informed about Nicky's death within days, but did nothing, and when the family asked to meet them, they agreed, and then cancelled the meeting, and have refused to give the family copies of correspondence about this. They are supposedly independent, and have the power to investigate anything to do with mental health services, ha,ha!

NZ LAW SOCIETY - agreed to receive a complaint about these lawyers cancelling their meeting with Nicky's family, and then when one was made, refused to consider it, and said the family would have to complain to the Director of Mental Health...
JOHN CRAWSHAW - who had already failed to even reply to a complaint about the same thing, and has withheld info from the family on the grounds that it contains "free and frank advice" from the DHB to the Ministry. He has also wrongly advised the Minister of Health that DHB investigations into Nicky's death have started.

Posted: Friday 29 May 2015

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